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Seamus face

Equipment used

Past Trials

ARF, March 2018

 Polson by the lake trial, 2018

May, 2018

ARRTI, Memorial Day 2018

 YDS, Mid-June


Got Dog? Belgrade, July 2018



Got Dog? Belgrade August 2018

 Glacier Chasers
Oct., 2018


ARF, Helena, Halloween 2018






My name is Joe Fisher,I have a black standard poodle named Teaghan.


The number I mention is a 4 digit number seen off at the  top left of the picture when you click on a thumbnail. You do NOT need the entire number, just the LAST 4 NUMBERS will be fine.

 NOTE: I have a limited number of trial years online, I have the pictures I've taken since 2009 archived, if you would like an earlier picture or series...maybe you just want pics of you at a certain trial, let me know!

If you see pictures of your dog you would like to have, let me know by trial and day, filenumber, and brief description of you and your dog, and I will put all the pictures that I have of your dog either sent via wetransfer (preferred) or on a CD/DVD or thumbdrive for you.

 This will enable you to choose which photo(s) you would like to get printed.

 NOTE: the thumbdrive or CD option will be more expensive because of the media and the shipping.

You don't need to put the class. Just the filenumber is fine. The  filenumbers are above  and to the left in the WHITE area, *not* on the pictures itself.
NOTE: No need to put every number if it's a series, just put the beginning and end.
ex: 1234-1245 would be fine.

 I do not print the pictures because I do not have the time, or the equipment. You can take your thumb drive or CD/DVD to Walmart, Costco, etc for printing. The images on your thumb drive or CD/DVD, unlike those on this website, will be large size, non-watermarked,  and appropriate for printing.  

$30 per 1 dog , ( $50 for 2 dogs, $60 for 3 or up.) per wetransfer.com (preferred,), thumb drive,   or CD/DVD to cover time, shipping and handling. (Please add an additional $10 if you want your pics on a thumbdrive or CD. That pays for the media and shipping)

To order, please EMAIL ME

 I accept cash, check or Paypal


REMEMBER-When you order, please order by event, day,  and filenumber

Saturday, ARF July,  2950-2966



Contact Joe Fisher